August 16, 2010


Those voices certainly don't speak for ME.

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November 06, 2008


Why am I doing this?

The purpose of this weblog will be to demonstrate how to dissent with what our Government does, without resorting to feces-flinging antics.  For eight years, the public has had to listen to screams of "Chimpy McHitler Halliburton," calls for impeachment (without evidence of any actual, you know, crime having been committed) or even assassination fantasies.

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" we were told, but that wasn't dissent.  That was rage, an extended temper tantrum a four-year-old would have been in awe of.  Adults?  Not so much.  No stilt-walkers, giant puppet-heads, or chanted slogans here.  I deal in Reason, not rhetoric.

My goal is to try to produce 3 or so articles a week right now.  If I find myself infected with the 'writing bug' or reader demand (!) I will do my best to blather more.

I certainly anticipate no shortage of things to be in dissent over.

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